Chico, CA

Butte Rose Society's 2017 Events + Calendar



May 30, 2017's topic: You are invited to come join the fun at The Butte Rose Society meeting on Tuesday, May 30th at 7:00 pm.

The topic of this meeting is "Hydroponic Roses in Industry and the Home Garden" presented by our very own Chris Fulton, Consulting Rosarian.  She will be talking about the different methods of growing roses in a hydroponic (water) environment including what the nutritional needs of roses are in this environment, along with how you too can grow roses in your home with hydroponic methods!  Hope to see you there!

The meeting is held at the Veterans Hall at 554 Rio Lindo Ave. in Chico on the third Tuesday of every month except June, July, and December.

If you have any questions: Call Program Director Cyndy Wright at (530) 966-5009.

For more information about Hydroponic Roses, Click: How to Grow Hydroponic Roses


On January 29, 2017, two distinguished awards were given to Gwen Quail and Mike Bertain, in addition to all the other awards given to the BRS members.  Gwen received the ARS Bronze Honor Award, the highest honor given to a member at the local society's level. Each rose society (chapter or affiliate), in good standing with the American Rose Society, may annually award the American Rose Society Bronze Medal for Outstanding Service to one of its members for outstanding and meritorious service at the local society level. Mike received the Best New Member Award, which can be given annually to a new member who has volunteered above and beyond the society's expectations. 

BUTTE ROSE SOCIETY - 2017 Event Calendar



Monday, January 9                 Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, January 31               General Membership meeting


Monday, February 6               Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, February 28             General Membership meeting


Monday, March 6                   Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, March 28                 General Membership meeting


Monday, April 3                     Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, April 25                   General Membership meeting


Monday, May 1                       Board of Directors meeting

Saturday, TBD                        Members Only Garden Tour

Tuesday, May 30                     General Membership meeting


June & July                            No Board of Directors or General Membership meetings


Monday, August 7                  Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, August 29                General Membership meeting


Monday, September 4            Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, September 26          General Membership meeting


Monday, October 2                Board of Directors meeting

Saturday, October 28            23rd Annual Rose Show & Festival of Roses 

Tuesday, October 31              General Membership meeting


Monday, November 6            Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, November 28          General Membership meeting


Friday, December 8               December Social & Member Appreciation

Monday, December 4             Board of Directors meeting




For more information regarding any of the scheduled events, please contact:  Cynthia Wright, Program Director, at 530-966-5009  or email: cjswchico@sbcglobal.net.