Chico, CA

Membership Application

Copy and paste this application into a Word document on your computer.  It will fit on an 8.5x11' sheet.

Mail your check and application to our post office box address listed below or bring to one of the general BRS meetings.



BRS Membership Form                                                                               Year___________

It’s that time of year again!  Yearly dues for the Butte Rose Society are $25 per primary member.

Additional members, from the same household, same address, are $5.00 each.

New Application _______     Renewal _______

Primary Member:  _______________________________________________________________________

Additional Member(s) $5.00 each: _______________________________________________________

We are asking you to indicate what information you want included in our next Membership Directory

by inserting a “Y” for Yes, or an “N” for No, in the parenthesis provided:

(   )  Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________

(   )  City:  _______________________State____________Zip_____________________

        Newsletters will be sent by E-MAIL ONLY to the following e-mail address:

(   )  E-mail address:  ______________________________________________________________

        Phone Numbers: (   )  Home____________________________

                                  (   )  Cell________________________   (   )  Work___________________________

Member of American Rose Society (ARS) Yes ­­­­­­­­ _______   No _______

Remember:  In order to attend the Members Only Garden Tour and Appreciation and Installation Dinner, you must be a member.

Please enclose check for total number of memberships and mail to:

The Butte Rose Society, P. O. Box 8888, Chico CA  95927

NOTE:  All returned check fees will be charged back to the member as they are not the responsibility of Butte Rose Society.