Chico, CA

Membership Application

You may copy and paste this application in a Word document on your computer....starting right under the rose logo. It will fit nicely on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. 

Mail your check and application to our post office box address listed below.



Membership dues are $25 one primary membership in the Butte Rose Society (BRS).  Any additional members residing in the same household will be charged an additional $5 per year.  

 This covers the period from January 1st through December 31st for the year 2017. 

Anyone attending a "members only" event must join to be entitled to attend such events.  New members joining September 1st - December 31st are paid through the following year.

Membership includes a subscription to our American Rose Society (ARS) newsletter, "Rose Notes."

The American Rose Society, as a non-profit affiliated society, recognizes the Butte Rose Society.  

Although not required, there are advantages in joining the ARS in addition to the BRS.  

ARS membership entitles you to receive the excellent magazine American Rose and the American Rose Annual, access to the ARS lending library, discounts at the ARS Bookstore and other member benefits.




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Telephone                                   Date                      

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New Application              Renewal            

Member of the American Rose Society? Yes         No          


             I plan to be an active member and attend meetings and activities or events from time to time.

             I joined to receive the newsletter only and probably will not attend meetings.


Please make check payable to BRS and mail to:    

Butte Rose Society 

Attn: Membership Director Neva Youngs

PO Box 8888

Chico, CA  95927