Membership Message and Application

Membership reminder — Linda Henderson

Now that the December Social is a wrap, we are now onto preparing for our Pruning Fundraiser and our Members Only Garden Tour.

Remember to be prepared to submit your yearly dues at our Jan. 31 meeting. It is $25 for you and $10 for your spouse/partner for the full year. Cash or check is fine. Remember that you will need to be on our books for insurance purposes for these events.

Our membership numbers continue to grow and we now have 90 families and 122 members. We had quite a few visitors at our last meeting, and Chelsea Harris is now our newest member. We look forward to making her feel welcome and getting to know her better.

Also remember that, if you ever do need a ride to our meetings, please contact Laura Urseny at 891-3361. We are making sure that you can attend any of our functions as we do want you to continue to participate.

Again, if you did not pick up your copy of our 2022 Membership Directory, I will have your copy available for you. Be sure to visit our website: www.butte-rosesociety.org/. It will give you the most up-to-date information about our events and activities.





Copy and Paste the BRS Membership Form to a Word or Pages document (landscape mode) and print out. Start copying at the BRS Membership Form line. 

If you are a return member and your information has not changed, you will not have to fill out a new membership application. Please make a note that there are changes for 2023 dues.

Mail your check and application to our post office box address listed below or bring to one of the general BRS meetings, which are the last Tuesday every month except June, July & December.


BRS Membership Form                                                                               Year___2023_____

It’s that time of year again!  Yearly dues for the Butte Rose Society are $25 per primary member. Additional members from the same household/address are $10.00 each.

New Application _______     Renewal _______

Primary Member:  _______________________________________________________________

Additional Active Member(s) $10.00 each: ____________________________________________

We are asking you to indicate what information you want included in our next Membership Directory by inserting a “Y” for Yes, or an “N” for No in the parenthesis provided:

(   )  Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________

(   )  City:  _______________________State___________  Zip__________________

Newsletters will be sent by E-MAIL ONLY to the following e-mail address:

(   )  E-mail address:  ______________________________________________________________

Phone Number   (   )  Home____________________________ (   )  Cell______________________   (   )  Work______________________

Member of American Rose Society (ARS)  Yes ­­­­­­­­ _______   No _______

Remember:  In order to attend the Members Only Garden Tour and the December Social's Appreciation and Installation Dinner, you must be a member.

Please enclose check for total number of memberships and mail to:

The Butte Rose Society, P. O. Box 8888, Chico CA  95927

NOTE:  All returned check fees will be charged back to the member as they are not the responsibility of Butte Rose Society.