January 2023  Pruning Fundraiser

WE WILL BE STARTING OUR JANUARY AND FEBRUARY PRUNING FUNDRAISER FOR 2023.  Butte Rose Society has completed our annual 2022 January Pruning Fundraiser.  Please contact us if you would like to be placed on the waiting list to have your roses pruned for 2023. We will continue to do our yearly customers first and then start on our waiting list customers.......depending on how many available pruners we have.

Each December we will be contacting our previous customers and will call you once we know how many more we are able to work in. Generally, we charge $5-6 a rose bush and $8-12 for climbers.  However, there are exceptions that would need to be discussed with the homeowner before the work begins. 


We need more members to prune in January — Gwen Quail

It’s fun. It’s challenging, and it’s rewarding too. The more rose bushes you prune, the more confident a pruner you will become. You will work in some interesting gardens, and develop new rose friends.

Last year 30 BRS members pruned 1,095 roses. We earned $7,200. That’s an average contribution of $240 per pruner. However, we still had a WAITLIST of gardens we could not prune due to a shortage of pruners. Calls come in regularly with more requests for BRS to prune gardens in Chico, adding to the waitlist. Chico gardens need our expertise!

WE NEED PRUNERS: BRS members with sharp tools, who are willing to prune roses, share their knowledge and learn from other.

WE NEED HELPERS: BRS members who are not able to prune for any reason but who are willing to help with logistics. BRS members can also go to the gardens with a pruning team to assist the team leader, with calculating the cost and completing the invoice for payment. They can help the pruning crew, with picking up and reducing the size of pruned branches.

Pruning is the best source of income to support BRS activities such as the annual Rose Show and membership meetings. The two main sources of income for BRS in 2022: Membership dues: $1,745 and Pruning: $7,200

Even if we increased membership dues by $10 that only adds $1,000 approximately. For every additional 100 roses we prune in 2023, we can add $700 to our income.

For information about pruning or to sign up contact pruning chair Jean Miller, 530-514-485.


Left to right) Wendy Pine, Dave Sinclear and Marian Ware finishing a bed while pruning.

Photos on How to Prune Roses