2022 December Social Dinner

The December Social Dinner for 2022 was held on December 2, 2022.  See below for the December's newsletter articles about the event's details: 

A merry time was had by all — Laura Urseny

It wasn’t difficult to get in the holiday spirit at the 2022 Butte Rose Society’s December Social.From the aromas wafting from the kitchen, to a groaning table of appetizers, to festively dressed guests and gorgeous table settings, everyone knew there was fun in the air, thanks to the hard work of co-chairs Jan Burnham and Dave Sinclear.

Mary McCormick outdid herself with an array of appetizers. Shelley’s Creative Catering provided a feast of salad, rice pilaf, rolls, pork loin and chicken. It was particularly nice that the company is owned by member Sandy Anderson’s daughter, Shelley, and that the rice pilaf was made by Sandy’s grandson. The Hallowells provided two delicious sheet cakes for dessert.

Goodbyes were said to the 2022 board, composed of three-year term President Jean Miller, Program Director Jan Burnham, Secretary Neva Youngs, Treasurer Gwen Quail, Membership Linda Henderson, directors at large Joanne Lester, Lisa Freeman-Wood, Galand Hallowell, Greg Williams, and Dave Sinclear. In the gift to her board, Jean presented handmade, beaded“garden wands” of varying color. Jan presented Jean with a three-dimensional rose plaque.

The New Member Award went to Lisa Freeman-Wood, who barely had any roses at the start, but evolved into a rose maven, complete with photography, painting skills and board involvement.


The American Rose Society Bronze Medal went to Linda Henderson. Jean listed a litany of accomplishments with project and program leadership.


Awards also went to mentors for the monthly Little Rose Show. According to organizer Mike Bertain, 27 individuals entered a total of 280 entries over the year.


Hellos were said to the 2023 board including President Dave Sinclear, Program Director Jean Miller, returning Secretary Neva Youngs, Treasurer Kathy Brooks, returning Membership Linda Henderson, and directors at large, Lisa Freeman-Wood, Galand Hallowell, Joanne Lester, Mary McCormick, Alicia Stewart.


Organized by Denyse Gonzales, the candy cane-themed fashion show, which attracted 10 entries, was won by Joanne Lester (first place), Linda Sinclear, Sandy Anderson and Jan Burnham. Definitely a hit were Joanne and Linda’s red striped stockings. Here are some highlights of the evening: 

Kathy Brooks’ decorated table. (Photos by Laura Urseny and Steve Schoonover.)


2021 December Social Dinner........Keep scrolling down to see more photos.

A Summary of the December Social – Kathy Brooks

There was lots of laughter during our annual December Social dinner and Installation of the 2022 board of directors.  This year, as many as 50 members know, we enjoyed a fancy dinner at the Butte Creek Country Club in Chico.  I will give you a brief highlight for those members who could not attend.

1.     Galand & Bernice Hallowell were able to provide this beautiful venue, since they are members at the club. There was NO venue cost. We enjoyed the great service by the friendly staff at BCCC. It was fun getting all dressed up and not worrying about setting up tables, cooking the meal, or cleaning up. Galand was extremely generous in our raffle.  He donated some of his fine vintage wine to three lucky members. He also gave wine to Denyse Gonzales for co-chairing the event with him, and Angie Handy for agreeing to MC the evening.


2.     Denyse and Al Gonzales shouldered most of the program responsibility at the event. Denyse kept the program moving quickly and acknowledged all the attending members individually as she visited each table.  We had appetizers and mingled throughout the large dining hall until dinner was announced.  Our dinner was a buffet with chicken, tri-tip, roasted potatoes, lettuce wedges with condiments, and broccoli with onions and carrots.  We had white cake for dessert.


Denyse had organized six members to read a short description of the six rose bushes to be raffled. They were Peace (Denyse), Mr. Lincoln (Ron Brooks),  Celestial Night (Greg Williams), Julia Child (Dave Sinclear), John F. Kennedy (Jim Wood), and Love at First Sight (Alicia Stewart).


3.     To start our program, Mike Bertain heads up the Little Rose Show at our general meetings, so he presented the yearly winner of the Little Rose Show. Galand Hallowell won easily this fun, but prestigious award.  He worked hard submitting his roses at the August through November. Galand would spend hours cutting, preparing, and bringing so many of his roses. He has recently planted 160 roses in their backyard. The Little Rose Show had been cut a two months due to Covid pandemic. Mike and Dona have given tremendous support and service to our rose society. The couple is a truly an asset!


4.     Next Jean Miller, our President, conducted the honoring of the outgoing 2021 board members.She presented each outgoing board members with a 2022 ARS calendar. For the last two pandemic years, it was difficult to keep our society going. But we are BACK.  It was heartwarming to see so many willing individuals who served our society well this past difficult year.


Unfortunately, I sat far away from the presentations, so the photos of the outgoing members are small.  They were Jean Miller, Jan Burnham, Joanne Lester, Gwen Quail, Linda Henderson, Greg Williams, Mike Bertain, and Neva Youngs.  Julie Matlin, Mary McCormick, and Laura Urseny, who were newsletter editors, were not present.


5.     Angie Handy then conducted the installation of new board members for 2022 with her welcomed wit. 

The incoming 2022 new board members are: Linda Henderson, Greg Williams, Galand Hallowell Dave Sinclear, Joanne Lester, Neva Youngs, Gwen Quail, Jan Burnham, and Jean Miller.

Lisa Freeman-wood and Laura Urseny were not present at the meeting. It will be a great benefit to have four men on our board, as well as these strong, capable women.

Angie has been active in our society for many years and is a total delight to all who know her.



6.     Jean Miller has done so much for our society, especially since she stepped in for the two year commitment as President.  Her husband, Terry, has willingly sacrificed having his wife so involved with the rose society. Jan Burnham presented Jean Miller with a gorgeous stain glass window rose art for being such a wonderful President.  Jean is a peacemaker and has the known reputation of solving problems gracefully.  We are grateful for Jean!


Galand ended the fantastic evening with closing remarks of gratitude. We all have a sense of pride in our Butte Rose Society, and the annual December Social event honored its members on December 2,2021.

December random photos........ If I missed you, I'm so sorry. 


 If you have photos from the December Social dinner, please send them to Kathy Brooks at chicopair@comcast.net.




December Social Dinner to be held on December 2, 2021

The Butte Rose Society will hold their 27th annual Installation of Officers and Appreciation Dinner for 2021 on Thursday, 12/2/21. This year will be a special event after enduring the year long pandemic.  We will celebrate at the lovely Butte Creek Country Club. There will be no charge for the dinner, so there cannot be invited guests.  Make your potential guests members of our society before this event. 

The Butte Rose Society has planned and presented an award and installation of officers in December for the past 25 years. Only last year did we have to cancel the event in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.  This year, however, we have planned a gala dinner event at the Butte Creek Country Club.  There will be no cost to our members and no guests will be permitted.

Covid Precautions: The society has planned and will take the necessary Covid guidelines/precautions during December Social Dinner.  The room is spacious and seats 90 people.  We will have around 60 members, so we can spread out.  Only six to a table will be a good distance, since the tables are usually designed for 8 people.  It is strongly recommended to wear a mask when arriving or leaving the event, as well as socially mingling. We want to protect others. At the event, there will be hand sanitizers to prevent the risk of spreading the virus. Please be considerate.

Dress Attire: The best description for the country club’s dress attire would be ‘Dressy Casual.” The dress code for men require tucked in collared shirts or wear shirts that are meant to be left outside. There are NO jeans allowed for either men or women.

Registration RSVP: Call or text Denyse as soon as possible. The spacing is limited and this is the best venue ever presented.  Do not wait for the meeting to sign up, but call her and get your name on the list.  Her number is 530-519-5166.  She’s waiting to hear from you.














2020 BRS AWARDS and the INSTALLATION of OFFICERS for 2021 WAS HELD ON DECEMBER 4, 2020 via ZOOM.  The in-person social dinner was canceled due to the pandemic restrictions. Ongoing preparations are being discussed for our 2021 December Social dinner and awards.

Congratulations for BRONZE METAL AWARD to Mike Bertain and BEST NEW MEMBERS was awarded to Greg Williams and Karen Hansen! 

Our newest Rosarian: Jim Wood

 Jim has completed all the requirements of becoming a Consulting Rosarian.  Fall 2019.

  To become a CR, you:

o   Must be either a regular, joint or associate member of the American Rose Society for two consecutive years.

o   Must be an active member of a local rose society.

o   Must have grown roses of various types for at least five years and should be knowledgeable in all equipment and materials related to rose culture.

o   Must provide three letters of recommendation by any three Consulting Rosarians, on the form provided by the District Consulting Rosarian Chairman (downloadable from the Forms List on the right menu bar).

o   Must attend an ARS school/workshop for Consulting Rosarians and complete an open book examination based on the material contained in the Consulting Rosarian manual. Once you pass the exam, you do not have to take it again.

o   Must know and be willing to live up to the Consulting Rosarian Guide.

o   Must be willing to attend no less than one Consulting Rosarian School in every four-year period or earn four Continuing Education points from accredited sources (authorized by your District CR Chair).

o   Must submit a completed individual annual report form to the District Chairman of Consulting Rosarians. If no report is submitted in a three-year period, the CR will be dropped from the program. A warning letter will be issued after two years of non-compliance.

o   Must submit a Roses in Review Report to the RIR District Coordinator each year.

o   Must exhibit a continuing willingness to share knowledge and an enthusiasm for the rose and the American Rose Society.


Our Newest ARS Horticulture Judge: Neva Youngs
Congratulations, Neva Youngs, for completing an accredited ARS judging school and passed the written and practical exams.  At that time, she became an Apprentice Judge.  As an apprentice, she was required to judge at least five rose shows in a three-year period, and receive favorable evaluations from the Accredited Judges with who she judged.  Having done all her requirements, the American Rose Society has announced that Neva has become a fully accredited horticulture judge. WOW! Are we proud of Neva!


The Butte Rose Society held their 23rd annual Installation of Officers and Appreciation Dinner for 2017 on Friday, 12/8/17. The food was delicious, the decorations were amazing, and the program was meaningful.

Here are a few photos taken:


 Jan Burnham, President, handing the ARS Bronze Medal & certificate to Sandy Anderson.