Little Rose Show   
When:  Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month starting at 7 pm

Little Rose Show exhibition opportunities:  April, May, August, September, October, and November

Location:  Chico Veterans Memorial Hall at 554 Rio Lindo Avenue in Chico, California  

Contact for more information: Mike Bertain at mabertain@gmail.com
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-Standing Rules-

Revised August 2019


1.  The purpose of the Little Rose Show is to share the beauty of roses grown by our members and to educate members about entering ARS Rose Shows.  It should be fun and celebratory, not overly competitive.

2. The President shall appoint the Little Rose Show Chair on an annual basis in Janua

3.  The LRS Chair is responsible for planning and coordinating the Little Rose Show.  The Chair calls and organizes at least one planning meeting a year.  The Chair prepares the LRS Annual Budget for LRS committee review, and submits the proposed LRS budget to the BRS Treasurer.  The committee prepares a schedule of classes, rules, point system and year-end awards. The LRS Chair determines exhibitor designations (currently Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) and updates exhibitor status list using results from the Tally Chair of the prior year annual BRS Rose Show.

4.  The LRS Chair maintains a list of the Challenges and Arrangements for the year.  The Chair submits an article to the Newsletter Editor every month that a Little Rose Show is to be held.  The article describes the Challenge Class and the Arrangement Title and style.

5.  The LRS Chair is responsible for confirming a judge or judges for each show.

6.  Each entry in the Little Rose Show has an ARS Entry Tag attached.  As the bottom of the tag is removed and used for data recording, all information must be entered, by the entrant, on top and bottom sections.  Judges’ comments should be made on the top section.  Best of Class entries should be placed at the front of a class to make them easier to find.

7.  The Data Recorder is responsible for collection and recording of results for each entry every month.  For each monthly show the records will state: Class, Section, name of the member, name of the rose, award of first, second, third, or no-place, Best of Class and Best of Show.

8.  Each month the Data Recorder emails a copy of the results to the LRS Chair.  The purpose is to keep a back-up copy of the results.

9.  Each month the Data Recorder submits an article and photo of the winning rose to the Newsletter Editor describing the results of the last Little Rose Show.

10.  After the November show, the LRS Chair works with the data Recorder to review the final results tally and to select award winners for the December Awards Dinner.  Final results are also shared in the Newsletter.  A hard copy of the data for the year, the award winners and awards given is to be placed in the Results Binder and kept as an historical record of BRS.  The binder is maintained by the LRS Chair and passed on to the new Chair each year.

11.  Those responsible for Show Set Up and Take Down maintain a box of supplies to support members entering the Little Rose Show.  See supplies list below.

12,  Show Set Up members arrive an hour in advance of the meeting, set up the show, and are available to encourage and assist members in all aspects of preparing their roses for presentation on the show table.  Ring the bell at 6:55 P.M. to indicate the close of entries.  This is to educate members about deadlines for ARS shows.

13.  Take Down members are responsible for take down and clean up after the show, and encourage other BRS members to assist with these tasks.

14.  Suggestions for help with the following:

Crowding of exhibit specimens on the display table.

·      Allow at least 3 tables for the show, 4 or 5 for the big shows in April and May.

·      Use dividers between the classes same as for the Big Show.  (Old blind slats.)

Crowding of members around the display table to look at the specimens and the results.

·      Have no chairs around the tables or on the side wall behind the exhibit table.

·      Move 3 exhibit tables closer to the side wall, allowing for a larger space in front of the table.  Do not block the exit doors.

·      Place 1-2 tables against the back wall for Challenge and Arrangement Classes.  These entries should be placed by the exhibitor and NOT MOVED by anyone until after the judging is completed.

·      Mystery Roses and Display Only can be placed where there is space (suggest near refreshments).  They are not judged so can be separate from the rest of the judged roses.

·      Members asked to wait until after judging and clerking is completed.

       Meeting break comes before judging and recording can be completed.

·      Work with BRS President and Program Chair to manage the problem of the Break coming before judging, recording and tidy-up of the show is complete.

·      Ask members to wait until after judging and clerking is completed.

·      Expedite the recording of results by using the same process as the Big Show: punch holes through the entry card to record first, second, third or fourth (4th=no points).

·      Have one or two LRS committee members act as show clerks.  Clerk organizes the first place winners in each class so that Best of Class can be selected.  The clerk assists in grouping the Best of Class winners together for judging of Best of Show.

·      Make stickers for Best of Class, and Best of Show.  Put stickers on both top and bottom sections of the entry tags so the winners can be easily identified.  (Do this before the bottom section is removed to avoid errors.)

·      REMOVE the bottom section of the entry tag for recording later (into Excel program.)

·      Confirm by counting the number of tag bottoms and the number of entries in each class.

15.  At the close of each Show the judges shall announce the Best of Show if awarded.

16.  The judge(s) shall talk about why a rose was the best in a class; also, in a positive way, make suggestions for improvement or other comments. 

17.  Supplies list for Show Set Up and Take Down:

·      ARS entry tags: 20-90 entries/month x 6 months.  Need Horticulture, Arrangements, Challenge Class and Miniature Horticulture

·       ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses (current year)

·      ARS Guidelines and Rules for Judging Roses (Horticulture Entries)

·      ARS Official List of Approved Exhibition Names for Exhibitors & Judges (current  year)

·      Tents for each Class and name of Class

·      Laminated copies of Current Year’s Show Rules and Schedule

·      Laminated copies of how to fill out an entry tag

·      Pencils, rubber bands, Styrofoam peanuts

·      Folders with LRS Standing Rules, Guidelines

·      Exhibit status list

 SEE ATTACHED: Current Year Little Rose Show Rules and Schedule




 The Little Rose Show will resume in Spring of 2021.


 The Little Rose Show winner in November 2019 was Sandy Anderson with "Diana, Princess of Wales." 

                                                              The Little Rose Show winner in October 2019 was Denyse Gonzales with "Jennifer."





 The Little Rose Show winner in September 2019 was Karen Hansen with "Good as Gold." 





 The Little Rose Show winner in August 2019 was Mike Bertain with "Maroon 8."




The Little Rose Show winner in May 2019 was Galand Hallowell with "Touch of Class."

The Little Rose Show winner in April 2019 was Vicky Howell with "Black Ice."
The November general meeting was cancelled due to the Paradise fire tragedy.
The Little Rose Show winner in October 2018 was Jan Burnham with "Incognito."  
The Little Rose Show winner in September 2018 was Alicia Stewart with "Jolene Adams" in a bowl.  

The Little Rose Show winner in August 2018 was Wendy Pine with "Firefighter."     
Please note: There were no meetings in June and July.
 The May Little Rose Show winner of 2018 was Wendy Pine with "Mardi Gras." 

 The April Little Rose Show winner of 2018 was Jan Burnham with "Midnight Blue."         







The November 28, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Pat Reynolds with "Winter Beginnings." 






The October 31, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Neva Youngs with "Vavoom."  





The September 26, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Mike Bertain with "Geoff Hamilton." 



The August 29, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Jan Burnham with "Marriotta."




The May 30, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Wendy Pine with "Mardi Gras."



 The April 25, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Bill Reynolds with "R. rugose alba."



The November 29, 2016 Little Rose Show winner was Jan Burnham with "Tropical Sun."
The October 25, 2016 Little Rose Show winner was Joanne Lester with "Denver's Dream."
The September 27, 2016 Little Rose Show winner was Neva Youngs with "Rose de Rescht."