There's an exciting new addition to Little Rose Show starting at the April Meeting: PHOTOGRAPHY

Members are encouraged to bring in 1-2 photos for display.  The photos must be 8x10.  Matting and scotch tape and a stand will be provided for the show.  

Calling All Photographers

by Kathy Brooks

For many years the Little Rose Show, held at our general membership meeting, featured arrangements & horticulture displays for the months of April through November (not counting June & July). Members would bring their roses to show us what they had grown and/or assembled in an arrangement. However, many of you now have fewer roses to share during these months or like me, not creative enough to present any type of rose arrangements. Starting this month (April), our society will start having an exciting new division in the Little Rose Show.

We will start having members display their own photography. Each month we will present different features, such as: an introduction to photography, tips from the ARS Guidelines and Rules for Judging Rose Photography for our rose festival, explain the different photography classes in the festival, tips on how to take better photos, how to exhibit the photos, etc.

Here’s our vision, but we need to hear from you about more ideas. Starting this month, bring in your best 1-2 photos that you have already taken. You must have them enlarged to 8x10 and with a thin border. The border will help maintain the 8x10 size photo once placed in a mat. Costco sells 8x10s for $1.79 each. We will provide for the show: the mat, scotch tape & stand.

There will be no official judging. We may discuss positive opinions and also how it could be improved. No embarrassment here though!  Okay, you say you don’t have an expensive camera, but you do have a cellphone that has editing features. They produce beautiful photos. One or two photos….that’s all that you will need to participate. Remember Grandma Moses started her creative interests in her 80s. Why can’t you start a new hobby?

We will be holding a fun “friends” outing (apart from BRS) to the C.A.R.D. Center on Vallombrosa at 10 AM on May 8th. Sign up at April’s meeting or call Kathy Brooks, Joanne Lester, or Jean Miller to let us know you are coming.

Next month at our May’s Little Rose Show, we will be featuring photos taken on the Members Only Garden Tour or any other photo you would like to bring. Sign up for the tour & take your cellphone or point & shoot camera for beautiful photo opportunities.

See you and your photos at the Little Rose Show table on April 30th.



Little Rose Show   
When:  Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month starting at 7 pm

Little Rose Show exhibition opportunities:  April, May, August, September, October, and November

Location:  Chico Veterans Memorial Hall at 554 Rio Lindo Avenue in Chico, California  

Contact for more information: Mike Bertain at mabertain@gmail.com



(See COMPLETE Standing Rules at the bottom of this page. Revised 2013)

The BRS monthly little rose show will be held at the April, May, August, September, October & November general membership meetings.  The purpose is to share the beauty of the roses grown by our members and to educate members about entering American Rose Society (ARS) Rose Shows.  It should be fun and celebratory; not overly competitive.  All members are encouraged to participate.  There will be helpers for those who need guidance in exhibiting their roses.

Exhibitor Sections:

  • Novice (N)  (Would be a Novice in an official ARS show)  There is no time limit on how long a member may remain a Novice, unless the member has won a Best of Class or Queen in an Amateur Class in an ARS Rose Show and is then required to exhibit as an Amateur.
  • Intermediate (I)  (Would be an Amateur in an official ARS Rose Show) A member who has won a Best of Class or Queen in an Amateur Class in an ARS Rose Show and has been an exhibitor for less than five years.
  • Advanced (A) (Would be an Amateur in an official ARS show)  A member who has been an exhibitor for 5 years or more, AND has won a Best of Class or Queen in an Amateur Class in an official ARS Rose Show.

Judging:   Every entry will be evaluated on its own merit and given a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or no award.  At the discretion of the judge(s), a Best of Show and Best of Class may be awarded.
Point System:   
First place award = 3 points    
Second place award = 2 point  
Third place award = 1 point  
Plus additional points for: Best of Class = 2 points  
Best of Show = 5 points

Awards:  Awards will be presented in December to exhibitors who have accumulated the most points over the year.

Exhibitor Information:  Exhibitors must provide their own containers.  Entry tags will be available at the meetings.  

Entries close at 6:55 P.M.  Plan to arrive in time to get your entries properly placed. No late entries will be allowed!       

Horticulture entries are limited to one variety per garden in each class.                                                                              

No limit on the number of varieties in each horticulture class. Arrangements are limited to one entry per member.



The Little Rose Show winner in April 2019 was ________________ with "_____________."
The November general meeting was cancelled due to the Paradise fire tragedy.
The Little Rose Show winner in October 2018 was Jan Burnham with "Incognito."  
The Little Rose Show winner in September 2018 was Alicia Stewart with "Jolene Adams" in a bowl.  

The Little Rose Show winner in August 2018 was Wendy Pine with "Firefighter."     
Please note: There were no meetings in June and July.
 The May Little Rose Show winner of 2018 was Wendy Pine with "Mardi Gras." 

 The April Little Rose Show winner of 2018 was Jan Burnham with "Midnight Blue."         







The November 28, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Pat Reynolds with "Winter Beginnings." 






The October 31, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Neva Youngs with "Vavoom."  





The September 26, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Mike Bertain with "Geoff Hamilton." 



The August 29, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Jan Burnham with "Marriotta."




The May 30, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Wendy Pine with "Mardi Gras."



 The April 25, 2017 Little Rose Show winner was Bill Reynolds with "R. rugose alba."



The November 29, 2016 Little Rose Show winner was Jan Burnham with "Tropical Sun."
The October 25, 2016 Little Rose Show winner was Joanne Lester with "Denver's Dream."
The September 27, 2016 Little Rose Show winner was Neva Youngs with "Rose de Rescht."