2022 Rose Show

The Butte Rose Society had another successful annual rose show on October 29, 2022.  The number of public attendees far exceeded last years.  We will be adding photos and all the winners of the rose show.  A BIG thank you for all the judges who drove quite a distance to participate in our rose show.  Please congratulate the following BRS men and women who worked hard to make the show outstanding:


Jolene Adams

Dave Coop

Hilary Elkin

Karen Ernsberger

Paula Grabowski

Richard Grabowski                                                                                             

Barbara Lane-Piert

Rebecca Shaw


Eileen Jackson

Betty Mott


Lou Evans

Barbara Gordon

Judges Entries:

Judy Frederick – Granite Bay

Lesa Lane - Corning



Rose Show Chair – Joanne Lester
Treasurer – Gwen Quail

Rose Show Divisions Coordinator – Alicia Stewart
Arrangements – Gwen Quail
Fragrant Rose – Sandy Anderson
Guidebook Publisher – Kathy Brooks
Horticulture Entries & Placement – Cathy Momber
Photography – Jean Miller
Arts & Crafts – “Perk-E” Perkins
Hospitality Coordinators – Margaret Swick and Linda Dunbaugh
Community Outreach Coordinator – Dona Bertain
Junior Involvement – Julie Matlin
Lobby Management - Bernice Hallowell and Deb Crane
Membership & BRS Information – Kathy Brooks
Publicity – Laura Urseny
Rose Consultant – Jim Wood
                                                                                                                                                               Sharing the Rose – Laura Urseny
                                                                                                                                                     Yard Signs – Galand Hallowell

Rose Show Judging Coordinator– Jan Burnham
Awards – Mary McCormick                                                                                                                                                                 Clerks - Denyse Gonzales                                                                                                                                                            Judges- Jan Burham                                                                                                                                                                        Royal Courts - Angie Handy                                                                                                                                                            Tally – Linda Henderson
                                                                                                                                                                  Rose Festival Venue Coordinator MikeBertain
                                                                                                                                                                                Exhibitor Prep Area – Dave Sinclear
Rose Festival Setup & Floor Layout – Mike Bertain, Greg Williams
Clean Up – Gene Petrie




The Butte Rose Society will their 27th Annual Rose Show on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at the C.A.R.D. Center located at 545 Vallombrosa Ave in Chico, CA. 

The 27th Annual Rose & Arrangement Show's Rules and Program Schedule was posted during the month of August 2022 on this website under the tab, "2022 Rose Show Guidebook," and was distributed at the August BRS general meeting.



CHICO — An amazing display of locally grown roses will greet visitors to the Butte Rose Society’s annual Rose Show. The event will be 1-4 pm Oct. 29 at the Chico Community Center (C.A.R.D.) located at 545 Vallombrosa Ave.

There is no admission charge.

There will be a photography display, arts and crafts, fragrant rose contest, youth activities, and Consulting Rosarians to answer questions. The show also features judged horticulture and arrangement entries. Details about submitting entries are available on the website.

Learn more about the roses that grow well in this area. Find out what may be causing problems with your roses. Rose experts will be available to answer questions, and discuss types of roses that you may want to add to a garden. 

For the kids, there will be an emphasis on rose arranging with rose experts available to help. Roses, vases and other supplies will be provided. Participants’ arrangements may be exhibited during the Rose Show or taken home. There’s a variety of youth activities including stamping, face painting, cookie decorating and more.

Also plan to visit the adjacent Creekside Rose Garden, sponsored by Chico Area Recreation and Park District, that has more than 100 rose bushes.

More information: Email or call the Rose Show Chair, Joanne Lester, rosyjo65@yahoo.com or 530-893-3763.





Rose Show update — Joanne Lester, Chair

It is September already and you all know that the preparations for the Rose Show are well underway. October 29, 2022 is our BIG EVENT at the CARD Center.

What most of you don’t know is that we have many dedicated members who have been busy all summer long. Beginning in early summer, the judges are invited; the show classes are determined; guidebook copies are sent off to NCNH chairs for approval; venue floor plans are drawn; articles for publications are written; and the guidebook is proofread and printed.

In addition to these tasks there are many, many other details that have been worked on.

August and September are the months that we are finalizing all of the details that bring the rose show together. Our managers are busy working on their areas. They are getting materials together, getting props out of storage, and putting their teams together. The hospitality team is working on meal plans, service areas, and pricing.

Our volunteers are why we have such a great show. If you haven’t volunteered yet, please do so. There will be signup sheets at the next Membership Meeting or you can call me and I will point you in the right direction. We screen all of our calls so if you call, please leave a message: 530-893-3763.


2021 Rose Festival Highlights from the BRS November Newsletter:

The Butte Rose Society presented their 'Annual Rose Show & Festival of Roses' on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at the C.A.R.D. Center at 545 Vallombrosa Ave in Chico, CA.  It was well received by the public.     

Festival of Roses was rosy — Festival Chair Joanne Lester

Heat, rain, wind, hail and COVID-19 didn’t stop the Butte Rose Society from having another exceptional rose show. YOU, our members never fail to amaze me. Fifty of you volunteered to work on a show committee, with most of you volunteering for more than one.

It was so rewarding to see some of you who have been dedicated for many, many years working along those of you that are new. Each and everyone of you went above and beyond our expectations. I am so proud to have been part of all of this.

I feel it is important to thank committee volunteers by name: Sandy Anderson, Cindy Ball, Mike, Dona & Chris Bertain, Ron & Kathy Brooks, Margaret Bergman, Russ & Jan Burnham, Judy Frederick, Lisa Freeman-Wood, Denyse Gonzales, Galand & Bernice Hallowell, Angie Handy, Karen Hansen, Karen Hanson, Linda Henderson, Fe Howard, Vicky Howell, Cindy Hutchins, Nancy Leverette, Mary McCormick, Jean Miller, Cathie Momber, Carol Mordock, Loretta Norberry, Perkee Perkins, Gene Petrie, Wendy Pine, Gwen Quail, Carol Roniss,

Steven Schoonover, Dave Sinclear, Alana Skytte, Bettye-Ann Stephens, Alicia Stewart, Margaret Swick, Laura Urseny, Marian Ware, Greg Williams, Jim and Leslie Wood, Debbie Wright and Neva Youngs. If I missed anyone, I apologize.

Three of our members served as judges. Thank you Judy Frederick, Lesa Lane and Jolene Adams. I also saw several members who had not signed up for a committee but came by to help out.

A huge THANK YOU goes each and every one of you!


The public picks: Linda Henderson’s fragrant rose — Kathy Brooks

Despite the pandemic mask mandate, we had a wonderful turn out at the Fragrant Rose booth this year. As the public entered the large hall at the C.A.R.D. Community Center, their eyes were glassed over looking at the massive display of roses in the main hall.

My table was directly to the left of the entrance door, so it was easy for me to usher them over to ‘Stop and Smell the Roses.’ I had several people decide they didn’t want to participate, but generally it was well received. We had 15 members exhibit their fragrant roses in the milk glass vases. 

They were: Joanne Lester, Wendy Pine, Kathy Brooks, Judy Frederick, Marian Ware, Perk-E Perkins (2), Linda Henderson, Gary Imhoff, Sandy Anderson, Gwen Quail and Creekside Gardens (3). Thank you for your participation.

The contest was held from 1 to 2:30 pm. I was allowing the public to vote up to 3 pm due to the amount of public flow. Next year we will discuss why it would be better to have a time extension on the contest. There were many people who came later and expressed dismay that they did not get a chance to vote.
We had 75 ballots turned in by the public. Because it was a contest for the public, our members were discouraged to vote. It was fun to see the kids’ eyes light up when I handed them a ballot. Many families participated together. It was light hearted and fun to watch the excitement. One man thought he had to vote on ALL the roses in the room!

I am proud to announce our 2021 Fragrant Rose winner, Linda Henderson, who received 15 votes for her Fragrant Cloud. She is pictured here in front of her winning rose bush. Sandy Anderson came in second with nine votes. If you wish to know how your rose did in the contest, contact me by email chicopair@comcast.net I took a photo of the ballot count and you can see how well you did. My rose, Sheila’s Perfume, had NO votes. Boo.



Festival winners listed — Jan Burnham, Linda Henderson

Butte Rose Society had a very successful in-person rose show on Oct. 30.  We had approximately 206 horticulture entries, 28 arrangement entries,5 junior arrangement entries, 55 photography entries, 15 fragrant rose entries, and 4 entries in the arts & crafts category. The judges contributed another 80 horticulture entries, 2 arrangements, and 2 photographs.


Sandy Anderson shows off the rose Playboy that won Best in Show.                     Butte Rose Society member and judge Lesa Lane looks at the winning roses.

2021 Rose Festival Photos: Please click here: 

2021 Festival of Roses Tally WINNERS on October 30, 2021:


Best in Show   Sandy Anderson          Playboy

Class 1 Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora One bloom

            Queen             Clara Hosbrook           In the Mood

            King                 Lesa Lane                  Lynette

            Princess           Michael Bertain          All My Loving

            Court               Michael Bertain          Mr. Lincoln

            Court               Joanne Lester              Just Joey

            Court               Michael Bertain          St. Patrick

            Court               Lesa Lane                   Falling In Love

Class 3 Hybrid Tea Fully Open Bloom    Linda Henderson      Good as Gold

Class 7 One Floribunda Spray

            Queen             Jan Burnham               Iceberg

            King                 Galand Hallowell      Cinco de Mayo

Class 9 One Floribunda Bloom        Sandy Anderson      Playboy

Class 11 One Polyantha Spray         Bettye-Anne Stephens   Cecil Bruner

Class 13 Miniflora One bloom

            Queen             Jan Burnham                Starship

            King                 Alicia Stewart             Jolene Adams

            Princess           Judy Frederick             Gold Country

Class 19 Miniature One bloom

            Queen              Lesa Lane                    Irresistible

            King                Judy Frederick            Lady Bren

            Princess           Judy Frederick             Marilyn Wellan

            Court               Galand Hallowell        Bees Knees

            Court               Judy Frederick             Olympic Gold

            Court               Michael Bertain           Citrus Candy

Class 21 Single-type Miniature   Jan Burnham     Hot & Sassy

Class 23 Miniature Garden Decorative   Jan Burnham   Marriotta

Class 25 Large-Flowered Climber, etc.   Galand Hallowell  Candy Land

Class 27 Old Garden Roses prior to 1867  Lesa Lane  Green rose

Class 32 Modern Shrub One Spray

            Queen             Michael Bertain          Sweet Drift

Class 33 All Other Shrub Roses  Clara Hosbrook   Boscobel

Class 36 Cycle of Bloom          Michael Bertain  Heaven on Earth

Class 38  Large Rose in a Bowl  Lesa Lane      Blake Hedrick

Class 39 Old Garden Rose of Shrub Rose in a Bowl  Marian Ware  Molineux

Class 38-39  Best Large Bowl  Marian Ware  Molineux

Class 40  Miniflora Rose in a Bowl    Lesa Lane      The Guthrie Rose

Class 41  Miniature Rose in a Bowl  Lesa Lane       Green Ice

Class 46  Tin Can Derby  Jan Burnham       Various

Class 48  Rose in a Frame   Linda Sinclear      Black Magic

Class 58  Just Hips    Judy Frederick   Lyda Rose

Class 59  Janet Brinson  Eyeconic Pomegranate

Class 60 Novice Hybrid Tea One bloom  Galand Hallowell  Over the Moon

Class 62 Novice Floribunda Spray  Galand Hallowell  Cinco de Mayo

Class 63 Novice Miniature One bloom  Galand Hallowell  Tiddly Winks

Class 64 Novice Modern Shrub Spray  Marian Ware  Lady Emma Hamilton

Class 60-64 Best Novice  Galand Hallowell Tiddly Winks

Class 74-82 Best Judge’s Entry     Cindy Phipps   Gartendirektor Otto Linne


Class 1 One Bloom                  Jean Miller      French Lace

Class 2 One Spray                   Jean Miller      Marmalade Sky

Class 3 Fully Open Bloom       Jean Miller      Oh My!

Class 4 OGR, Shrub, etc.         Fred Eshpeter The Imposter

Class 5 Other Rose                  Jean Miller      Grass on Aachen

Class 6 Rose Arrangement      Cherry Hoover  By May Lee

Class 7 Macro Photography    Lesa Lane        Bonnie Jean

Class 8 Creative                       Kathy Books    Sally Holmes

Class 9 Rose Garden               Joanne Lester  Private Garden

Class 14 NOVICE Any rose      Lisa Freeman-Wood   Busy Bee

Class 15 JUDGE’s Entry           Lou Evans        Crescendo

FRAGRANT ROSE                    Linda Henderson    Fragrant Cloud

ARTS & CRAFTS                      Mary McCormick    Rose Themed Greeting Cards


ARS Gold Certificate               Wendy Pine             Playboy, Mardi Gras

ARS Silver Certificate              Sarah Williams       Various

ARS Bronze Certificate            Joanne Lester         Veterans’ Honor

ARS Mini Gold Certificate       Joanne Lester  Rainbow’s End

ARS Mini Silver Certificate      Gwen Quail     Minnie Pearl

Class 1 Junior Arrangement           James Stevens Iceberg

Class 2 Novice Arrangement             Traditional Line            Jan Burnham   Iceberg

Class 3 ARS Royalty                          Traditional Mass           Sarah Williams various

Class 4 ARS Oriental                          Naturalistic Design      Wendy Pine     Playboy, Mardi Gras

Class 5 ARS Artist’s                           Modern Spatial Thrust  Joanne Lester Veterans’ Honor

Class 6 ARS Miniature Royalty        Traditional Line            Gwen Quail     Minnie Pearl

Class 7 ARS Miniature Oriental       Naturalistic Design       Joanne Lester  Rainbow’s End

Class 8 ARS Court of Etiquette        Alicia Stewart                Lavaglut, Perfect Moment

Class 9 ARS Rosecraft                       Alicia Stewart                Various

Class 10 JUDGE’s Entry                    East Asian Manner        Cherry Hoover Veterans’ Honor







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2018 Festival of Roses

The Butte Rose Society held their 24th Annual Rose Show & Festival of Roses on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at the C.A.R.D. Center at 545 Vallombrosa Ave in Chico, CA. 

The 24th Annual Rose & Arrangement Show's Rules and Festival Program Schedule was posted during the month of August 2018 on this website under the tab, "2018 Festival Guidebook" and distributed at the September 25th BRS general meeting.

2018 Rose Festival Winners